Election Year: Zombies vs. Pirates!

Done! Here’s my entry for RubyWeekend #1! You can follow my previous entries in the zombies-vs-pirates rubyweekend section (they didn’t appear on the home page or in RSS feeds).

Here’s the premise of the game:

It’s another election year, and the two major political parties, the Zombie Party and the Pirate Party, have chosen their candidates!

You are Senator Rrghhnn from the Zombies; your opponent is Senator Birdbeard from the Pirates.

Oh, look, it’s time for the Presidental Debates!

You and Senator Birdbeard disagree on a number of important issues, including what to do with the nation’s brains, and where to bury the tons of gold that used to back the value of the U.S. dollar.

But the issues aren’t important to the voters – this debate is going to be decided by shouting! Loudly!

The game is simple – mash the space bar to shout louder than Senator Birdbeard!


Download the game!

Requires Rubygame 2.3.